Fire Kills – electrics

We’re backing national campaign Fire Kills which looks to raise awareness of the fire risks in your home and we’re working with the Fire Service to promote Home Safety visits. Today we’ll look at just some of the hazards around the home…

Electrical fires can start in any room around the home and it’s important to understand what you can do to recognise danger and take all the measures you can to prevent one.

How to avoid electrical fires:

  • Always check that you use the right fuse to prevent overheating
  • Make sure every electrical appliance you use has a British or European safety mark on it when you buy it
  • Some appliances, such as washing machines, should have a single plug to themselves, as they are high powered
  • Try and keep to one plug per socket
  • When charging electrics – always follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • An extension lead of adapter will have a limit to how much power it can take – so be careful not to overload them
  • Keep your eyes peeled for signs of dangerous or loose wires – things like scorch marks, hot plugs and sockets, electrics that trip or flickering lights
  • Check and replace any old cables and leads, especially if they’re hidden from view – behind furniture or under carpets or mats
  • Unplugging appliances when not in use helps reduce the risk of fire
  • Store electric blankets flat, rolled up or loosely folded to prevent damaging the internal wiring
  • Unplug blankets before you go to bed, unless it has a thermostat control for safe use all night
  • Try not to buy second hand blankets and check regularly for wear and tear


Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are offering free Home Safety visits to give you peace of mind and find any fire risks in your home. Find out more and make a request for your home safety visit now.

The Fire Kills campaign also raises awareness of the importance of having smoke alarms on each floor of your home and to check that the batteries are working at least once a month.