Flytipping - can you help us to end it?

Efforts by our housing management teams to reduce the amount of flytipping on our estates have shown some success – but there’s still more to be done.

Since spring, housing and assistant housing officers have been knocking on doors to remind tenants how best to dispose of unwanted items and not to flytip.

Flytipping can be a big problem on some of our estates and cost us thousands of pounds each month to remove.

We don’t offer a bulky waste collection for our tenants but ultimately, our rangers must spend time clearing it which means they’re taken away from other jobs.

Flytipped rubbish looks unsightly and can be a fire risk.

Leah Sanderson, a PCH Senior Housing Officer, said: “Our tenants can face tenancy action if they’re caught flytipping and as part of our partnership working we’ll also report them to Plymouth City Council meaning that they could be fined.

"If they don’t pay their fine, they could face prosecution. Although we can’t take action against non tenants, we will report them to the city council.”

We will also recharge tenants for the removal and disposal of flytipped rubbish.

We’ve been working closely with the city council to stamp out flytipping and have had two recent successes, as Housing Officer Clare Turner explains.

She said: “One tenant who we caught left bin bags by the side of the communal bin store. The rangers were able to identify the resident by the bank statements that were found within the dumped bin bags. Photos were taken as evidence and we did witness statements for the city council. 

“The tenant denied fly tipping but admitted some of it was hers. PCC gave her two options – pay the £400 fine, which is reduced to £300 if paid within two weeks. Otherwise she’ll be taken to court.

“Another person tipped some bin bags beside a bin store. They’re not a tenant so we can’t recharge them but they can be fined. That matter is being dealt with by Plymouth City Council.”

What if I have bulky waste that needs removing?

You can take your unwanted items to the recycling centres at Weston Mill or Chelson Meadow.

Please note, Weston Mill shut on 1 November for improvements works and will open again on Friday 1 December (subject to weather conditions).

If the item is too difficult for you to move, Plymouth City Council runs a Bulky Waste collection service – call 01752 304750 for details.

What if I see flytipping happening?

Flytipping is punishable by a fixed penalty notice of £400 or a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment. It could also be a breach of any tenancy or lease.

You can report incidents to Plymouth City Council – which has the power to prosecute – by calling 01752 668000. You can also call us on 0800 017 9498.