Focus on flytipping

We all find our homes a bit cluttered after Christmas. Old toys, appliances and furniture must make way for new ones – but what to do with all our unwanted stuff?

This week, we’re running through the options for you – and explaining what happens to people who ignore this and flytip their bulky goods.

Flytipped rubbish is rubbish which is illegally left on our estates. It costs us a lot of money to remove it – money that we could use on services for tenants.

We know that the majority of our residents don’t flytip and that rubbish is often dumped by people not living on our estates.

The city council offers a Bulky Waste collection service – if you receive certain benefits you get two free collections a year. Call 01752 304750.

You can also take it to the recycling centres at Weston Mill or Chelson Meadow.

Tomorrow we look at how you can get rid of your unwanted goods and help a city charity at the same time.

And on Friday we’ll be looking at how we’re clamping down on people who use our neighbourhoods as dumping grounds.