Fun in the sun at the Towers

Residents and staff enjoyed a fun-packed sunny afternoon outside Tamar House on Friday as a huge thank you to everyone during the on-going work.

We saw Spiderman and Disney’s Moana enjoying a free ice cream from the ice cream van, followed by a penalty shootout, free food and even a dance off on Friday afternoon in the sunshine at Mount Wise!

Residents were able to take part in the tombola which was sponsored by our contractors Mi-Space, have their face painted, learn more about the flowers and wildlife in the area or even create their own retro sweets. It was a great atmosphere complete with DJ and music by the Music Makers throughout the afternoon as we were visited by dozens of people of all ages.

Then the biggest event of the afternoon unfolded – the dance off between PCH staff and our on-site fire wardens K9. Who won? We don’t know - but what we do know is that dance was the winner on the afternoon.  

Paula Williams, housing officer for the Towers said: “We’ve had a great afternoon today; it’s great to be able to give something back to the residents here who have been fantastic over the last 12 months.

“Everyone here has been so welcoming in terms of helping us carry out the sprinkler installation last year and also for giving us access to be able to install new windows and helping us to remove the cladding. The end of the project is almost in sight and set for next spring, so we hope by next summer we can put on an even bigger and better event to say thank you for how amazing everyone has been!”