Get skilled with Learn for Free

Stacey found the skills she learned at a Learn for Free came in handy quite quickly with an incident in a local supermarket!

Stacey was in a supermarket when an elderly lady had a gushing nose bleed for over 20 minutes which wouldn’t stop so Stacey was quick-thinking in acting fast to aid the lady.

“The lady was quite distraught and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. I had recently attended the First Aid course so I knew exactly what to do in the situation – first of all I needed to stay calm and keep the lady calm as she was panicking.

“I stayed with her, teaching her to lean forward rather than hold your head back as in that case sometimes you can choke. I made sure she was sat down as she was starting to feel dizzy and asked a member of staff to bring over a glass of water.

“I was able to help her and wait with her until the first aiders arrived, but even then she wanted me to stay by her side. I decided to do the First Aid course as I thought it may come in handy at some point. I have two children at home so it’s important to be prepared and have the confidence to be able to deal with any first aid issues.

“I would recommend Learn for Free to people because it means that not only do you pick up interesting things that may come in handy but actually you might find yourself having fun and meeting new friends along the way as well.”

First Aid is just one of lots of courses we’ll be offering on our Learn for Free programme this year and we will bring you the news of all the courses we have on offer throughout the year.

Getting skilled is about arming you with the skills, qualifications and support you need to be able to find work, teach others or progress in your current employment. We also offer courses for you to gain your English or maths qualifications that you might need to get into work.