Handy video guides to help you fix things around the home

When you have your own home you want to make sure it’s looked after – now you can with our handy video guides and advice about your home.

We know it can be a pain when something goes wrong around the house and you’re waiting for it to be fixed – but now you can carry out your own minor repairs around the house thanks to useful video guides starring PCH staff.

Whether it’s unblocking a sink, turning off  the gas or water supply in an emergency or just getting some advice on your home we want to know what guides you want and we’d love to hear from you.

Barbara Bottomley, Repairs and Lettings Manager said: “This gives our residents a great opportunity to be able to fix some of those smaller repairs around the home if they want to. It’s a good way of giving people the tools they need to be able to fix smaller problems or giving advice on subjects residents might want some guidance on.

“This is the beginning of our repairs and safety advice videos and we’d like to make more to allow residents to live more independently and get advice on the things that matter – that’s why we are asking you to get in touch and let us know what would help you.”

We’re here to help you maintain your home and keep it in good condition – if you want to speak to someone about the repairs and if they’re your responsibility then please get in touch.

To let us know your feedback on the guides and safety advice you would like to see then email us or call us on 0808 230 6500.

The first series of videos can be found on our website by searching ‘repair videos’ or by visiting our YouTube channel