Have you left anything in your stairwell?

We want to make sure residents are kept safe in and around their homes, particularly if a fire breaks out.

That’s why we ask that no belongings are left in stairwells, where they could cause potential hazards.

As part of the campaign, Housing Officers will be knocking on doors to remind residents not to leave their belongings in the communal areas.

Items that have been assessed as a fire risk will be removed and stored at our headquarters in Crownhill. Owners have 28 days to come and collect them before we dispose of them.

Leah Sanderson, Senior Housing Officer, said: “It’s really important that stairwells are kept free of items that are at risk of causing a fire, and blocking fire exits. These items can be anything ranging from prams and mobility scooters to decorative furniture.

“They cause an obstruction for people getting out of the building – and for fire officers getting in.

“If you have items that you no longer want, these must be disposed of properly – either in the correct city council bins or, if they are too big, they should be taken to Chelson Meadow or Weston Mill.

“Bin bags and general household waste also needs to be disposed of appropriately in the communal waste bins. If we remove any bin bags from communal areas a recharge to the resident will be made.

“If residents don’t think they have enough storage, it may be that we can look at putting in an application to our Minor Works Fund for improved storage.”