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Have you tried the ReachDeck feature on our website?

ReachDeck is a free-to-use tool that reads aloud the content on our website.

As well as providing speech, it can also translate text to another language with a choice of different reading speeds and highlighters to enhance understanding. There’s also the option to simplify the pages or convert content into audio versions for easy offline listening.

How to use ReachDeck

Click on the orange speaker icon found on the bottom left of this website or click on the ReachDeck button in the Accessibility tab. This can be accessed in the top navigation of the website when viewing on a desktop, or through the Menu button when viewing on a mobile device. Hover over the text you want read aloud and BrowseAloud will read it to you. Other features can be accessed by clicking on the icons within the toolbar.

We also have other tools on the website including options to change the text size, contrast and language. ReachDeck is also available on MyPCH and the SO Living website.

You may need to clear your cookies first for the feature to work.