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Help is at hand to pay your rent

We’re pledging to continue to support tenants who may be struggling to pay their rent.

We will not evict anyone due to a loss of income as a result of Coronavirus where they are working with us so that we can help them get their payments back on track.

Our work is supported by the National Housing Federation, which has also made a renewed commitment to support residents to maintain their tenancies.

Liz Phillips, Head of Income, Commercial and Home Ownership at PCH, said: “The daily work of all Incomes team staff – whether in the Incomes Team, the Welfare Reform Team or the Financial Inclusion Team – is to support tenants with their finances and to pay their rent. 

“We will always support somebody who is working with us before taking legal action. 

“Our Financial Inclusion Officers carry out specific case work helping people to maximise income and deal with their debts and are qualified in giving debt advice.

“Eviction is absolutely the last resort and we never want a resident to get to this point. We will do everything we can to support them so that they are able to pay their rent and sustain their tenancies. We have extremely low eviction rates for rent arrears.”

Other ways we support tenants:

  • We apply for charitable funding for people where appropriate.
  • All officers signpost tenants as needed – whether to appropriate bodies to help with debt, a gambling problem or whatever.
  • We have had training in, and are now participating in, the new ‘breathing space’ scheme which gives people with debt the opportunity to apply for time before debts can be chased.
  • The specialist Welfare Reform Team assist everybody going onto Universal Credit (UC) and offer a visit or call to help with the process and prepare them for what UC will mean.

However, we would also remind residents that it’s important to pay your rent. Where somebody who is able to pay is choosing not to and is not working with us to allow us to help them, we will take legal action.

It is important we collect rents so that we can provide our services to all our residents.

Please contact us on 0800 028 0350 if you need help with your rent or finances.