Helping you get Rent Ready

Rent Ready helps you put in place everything you need to rent a home from Plymouth Community Homes.

Our three step plan focusses on what you need to do to make sure you put yourself in the driving seat before you’ve bid on, and are offered a PCH home.

The three steps explain what documents and proof you will need to provide before we can offer you a tenancy. They are:

  • Money Matters
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address

Barbara Bottomley, Repairs and Lettings Manager explains: “We are really keen to house people who are in need of a home as quickly and as smoothly as we can. We’ve found that in the past people may not have all the necessary documents or money in place to be offered one of our homes.

“What this guidance does is set out what you need and what we can help you with so that you’re fully prepared and able to pass all the important checks before we’re able to offer you a property.

“If you have any questions or further advice on the guidance then please contact our Housing Choices team on 0808 230 6500.”