Hero scaffolder saves choking baby

A young mum has praised a scaffolder who saved the life of her young baby choking on a 2p piece.

Lewis Everson sprang into action when he heard the cries of distressed mum Jordane Hersey, who ran screaming out of her flat with baby Isabelle, two, in her arms.

Lewis calmly climbed down off the scaffolding, undid off his tool belt and took baby Isabelle into his lap, where he hit her back several times, dislodging the coin.

His colleague Matthew rang for an ambulance and they waited for it to arrive and check over baby Isabelle.

The pair then calmly put their tool belts back on before returning to the scaffolding to carry on working.

Jordane said: “We were making cakes in the kitchen and Isabelle got hold of some loose change. She put a coin in her mouth and tried to swallow it.

“I tried hitting her back and my older child couldn’t find my phone so I started panicking. I went to the door screaming for help.

“Lewis and Matthew were there. Lewis gave her a good hit on the back while Matthew rang for an ambulance.

“I am so thankful they were there and did what they did. They said they did nothing but I know Lewis was shaken up afterwards. He was very modest.

“I lost a son at 17 months old six years ago and it brought it all back.”

Lewis said: “There were a few of us. We heard some screaming and didn’t know where it was coming from. We ran over and saw the baby choking.

“I grabbed her and put her on my lap and whacked her back hard a couple of times. She was choking on a 2p coin.

“It all happened so quickly. The baby was okay – she just had a big handprint on her back!

“I was a bit shaken up. I had to sit in my car afterwards. I just thought it could have been my own son – he’s only a few months older than this baby. I’ve done first aid training and you don’t forget it.”

It’s not the first time Lewis has given first aid – he once helped get a pregnant woman in Matalan into the recovery position after she fainted.

The incident happened at Edgcumbe House in Union Street at a block of flats owned by us.

We’re currently carrying out planned maintenance works there, which includes painting the inside and outside of the building and repairs to external wall insulation.

Contractor Mitie is overseeing the works and it’s a sub-contractor, Drake Scaffolding, who Lewis works for.

Shane Radmore, owner of Drake Scaffolding, said: “Lewis has done first aid with us and other companies. He’s a nice lad. Lots of people would have panicked. He has a young child himself so it was probably instinct to help out.”

Chris Beer, PCH Health and Safety Advisor, said: “We’d like to thank Lewis for his efforts in assisting with this emergency. He saved the baby’s life. He’s a hero.”

We often run free first aid courses for residents. If you’d like to find out more, contact our Learn for Free team on 0808 230 6500.