Housing Officer holds Kindness Day

The entrance to Lipson Court recently received a makeover, following a Kindness Day held by a Housing Officer. 

Plymouth Community Homes and Artene CIC teamed up in 2017, with a view to addressing loneliness and isolation in Plymouth by holding a series of Kindness Days.

The aim of the kindness days is to engage with our residents, tackle loneliness and isolation as a part of the Thrive Plymouth agenda; a 10 year programme to get everyone working together to improve health and wellbeing and to narrow the gap in health status between people and communities in the city.

Following from successful Kindness Days held over the past year, Housing Officer Nicola Blackwell organised a Kindness Day for residents at Lipson Court.

Nicola and colleagues from the Housing team visited residents in the building, knocking on doors to give out information on health, wellbeing and the local area.

In addition, the team placed a variety of sensory plants in the small garden area outside the entrance. Plants such as lavender and rosemary were chosen as they stimulate the senses, encouraging people to touch, taste, smell, and look at the garden area. Sensory plants can help to boost mood and relieve stress, positively impacting on wellbeing.

Nicola said: “It’s nice to engage with residents and check they are ok, let them know that they are thought of and not alone, and that there are places out there where they can get help or meet others should they wish to.”

Adam Stockman, Senior Housing Officer said: “Connecting and giving are two key areas  for improving mental health and wellbeing. When we give our time, energy and kindness to others it not only helps others it is great for our wellbeing too. These simple Kindness Days provide a platform for us to give by enabling residents to feel more connected with their communities.”