Housing Officer volunteers at Devon and Cornwall Food Action

Nicky Blackwell took a volunteer day to help out and found a local charity with a positive attitude that want to help people across the city.

The Devon and Cornwall Food Association (DCFA) ensures that usable, in-date food does not go to landfill but is distributed to those most in need – which ensures that those in need within our communities can access healthy food and improve their lifestyles.

DCFA doesn’t act as a Foodbank as Foodbanks issue food to individuals whereas DCFA issues to charitable organisations that feed those in need across our communities. DCFA has so far saved 80 community groups across Devon and Cornwall over £400,000 on food, which has allowed those groups to spend that money on better serving the community.

Run entirely by volunteers, DCFA have hubs in Devon and Cornwall and estimate that they currently support over 1660 individuals through the groups they work with.

Nicky helped out for a day in the Plymouth hub and could not believe how much good quality food is given to them to redistribute from some huge national suppliers.

Nicky said: “This is really good, fresh food that comes in and the charity has so many positive aspects in terms of the environmental impact, social aspect and doing their bit to eradicate food poverty.

“I have seen the charity in action recently as I have had some residents who have been able to take advantage of DCFA. They can help people whether they are isolated and unable to get out or if someone finds themselves in a difficult situation – often through no fault of their own, they can get help.

“The people who volunteer for the charity are often people who have used it before and want to give something back. I will definitely be continuing to volunteer for DCFA in my own time as I believe in it as a charity and feel that it really does make a difference to people’s lives.”