How you can help us carry out repairs quicker?

Having repairs carried out in your home can be stressful – so here are some handy hints and tips on what you can do to help us carry out repairs as quickly and effectively as we can – you can check out all the information in our new repairs leaflet!

Appointment times

We understand that you might need a repair at a time that suits you. We offer appointments Monday to Friday as well as appointments that avoid the school run for you busy parents. By arrangement we can take care of evening and weekend appointments as well.

Emergency appointments

Emergency appointments will be carried out within 24 hours. Emergency repairs are those that are needed to avoid serious health or safety risks, structural damage or repairs to ensure your home is secure. 


Keeping pets in a safe place – it’s usually best to keep any pets away from the work area – your pets may become distressed at having someone new in the home and there may be tools and products around the area of the repair which could be harmful to your health.


Keeping children away from the area of repair – a curious child may want to see what is happening but for safety reasons it is advisable to keep your children away from the area of repairs.

Keep the repairs area clear

When our operatives arrive at your home, they can get to work on your repairs straight away if the area is free and easy to access, it will take up a lot more time having to move furniture etc.


Please have someone home over the age of 16 – our operatives will not be able to carry out a repair in your home if no-one over the age of 16 is present.


Please try not to smoke in your home before our operative arrives – it is advisable to keep your home well ventilated and smoke free while a repair is taking place.

For all information about repairs, please see our new repairs leaflet or see our handy repairs guides for some of the easier repairs around your home.