If I can do it so can you, resident aims to inspire after overcoming weight struggle

A resident at Brock House is reaping the rewards after adopting a new health and wellbeing regime and says if he can do it others can to.

John Smith, 58 has lost more than 38kg (6st) over the last two-and-a-half years by changing his eating habits and becoming more active as part of the New Home, New You project led by the Plymouth Community Homes in partnership with One You Plymouth.

John, who was 165kg (26st) at his heaviest said: “I’d just had enough. When you’re obese you can be made to feel like a second-class citizen. I had a hard time at school with bullies, I was an easy target. I became lonely and the weight kept going up.

“I just knew I had to make a change and had a gastric sleeve operation in August, this removed 8kg of fat – two-thirds of my stomach.

“I am also part of The Weigh Forward, weight management group. The group has increased my awareness of the food and drink I’m consuming, it’s helped me visualise how much sugar and fat is in different foods. I now look at labels of ingredients and check the traffic light system on foods.

John believes that forming good daily habits and keeping to a routine meant that he was able to make the changes and keep to them.

“I wake up every day and want to do some kind of exercise, it’s only once I’ve done it that I feel like I’ve earned my rest. I make sure that I do aqua fit when it’s on and go to the gym for an hour a day, you get such a good feeling when you’ve done it,” he explained.

Happy to share his secrets to success, John wants to encourage more residents to do the same, saying that he’s noticed improvements with his general wellbeing as well as the obvious weight loss.

John, a former rigger and scaffolder who has worked on the sets of films including Mission Impossible and Tomorrow Never Dies, said: “I think you just have to get moving, you won’t be able to make any changes sitting on the sofa and eating rubbish.

“I feel good about myself now, my confidence is back and I feel like a good person. I am actually enjoying life and living it, not just existing.

“I’m not afraid to try new things anymore, I embrace new experiences. My next aim is to get down to 16st (101kg) from the 19st (123kg) that I am now, I’ve set myself that target and I know I can achieve it.”

Well done John and keep it up!