Innes House resident raises huge sum for charity

Local resident Joyce Greatrex has raised an impressive £2,560 for Macmillan Nurses after holding coffee mornings for the last two years.

Joyce 86, along with other residents at Innes House, Plymouth have all been meeting in the community room every morning for teas, coffees and biscuits with those attending contributing a small donation each time.

Joyce said: “We’ve been holding these mornings pretty much every morning for the past two years, it’s a nice way to spend time with people and socialise whilst raising money in the process. Most mornings there are around five of us who all meet up and have a chat for a couple of hours.

“We all put in some loose change each morning - it’s amazing over the course of the year how the total grows. Last year we raised £1,010 and this year we’ve raised £1,550 and we should at least be able to do that again next year.”

Joyce, who has lived at Innes House for the past ten years, chose to raise funds for Macmillan Nurses after the care her late husband Ken received from the charity.

“They do a wonderful job and I’m so pleased we’re able to raise money for them. We also do a raffle which raises lots of money. We’ve started raising money for next year and have £60 already. We’re aiming for £2,000 next year.”