Innes House residents get helping hand

Residents put the skills they learned to good use by looking after the communal gardens at Innes House.

PCH staff and residents at Innes House decided to make the most of their newfound skills by tidying up their garden as part of a Learn For Free training course ‘How to look after communal gardens.’

The course kicked off with an in-depth talk from an expert gardener from Tamar Grow Local with the afternoon being taken up by putting the morning’s theory to the test. The borders of the communal garden were cleared of weeds, the paving was cleaned and shrubs trimmed.

Then an array of new plants and flowers were planted. There was a great turnout with most of the residents coming along to learn and help out.

Ryan Huws from the Communities Team said: “With so many hands on deck the gardens looked so different after only a few hours. Innes House residents were really grateful for the work done, and the Innes House gardener gave a thank you speech at the end.”