International Fraud Awareness Week

This week is International Fraud Awareness Week and here at Plymouth Community Homes we’re giving residents the opportunity to learn more about tenancy fraud with two drop-in sessions being made available to residents.

Residents will be able to talk to staff in complete confidence on November 20 between midday and 4pm at Plumer House and on November 22 between 10am and 2pm at the Shop in the City at Frankfort Gate to learn more about fraud and raise any concerns they may have.

Senior Housing Officer Fran Sandercock said: “We’re encouraging our residents to come and learn more about fraud and speak to us in complete confidence on any of the issues surrounding tenancy fraud.

“Tenancy fraud is illegal and reduces the number of affordable homes available to those people who genuinely need them. We have been working extremely hard to prevent tenancy fraud and residents can help by reporting anything they may see as suspicious.”

We all know that social housing is at a premium, but did you know that tenancy fraud actually reduces the number of homes available for people who really need them? This is unfair and illegal.

But what does tenancy fraud actually look like?

It can take place when someone gives false information or statements to apply for a home, meaning they receive a new home instead of someone else.

It can also occur during the tenancy too, when a tenant sublets their home to someone else, allowing them to make extra money - illegally.

Tenancy fraud can also take place when a PCH tenant is not using their tenancy as their main or principle home.

The best thing to do when you suspect tenancy fraud is to be aware and look for signs. Has there been a change of occupants at a nearby property or any unusual behaviour? Have you overheard suggestions that a home is being sublet? Or does a neighbouring property appear to be empty?

These are all signs and should be reported to your housing officer. All information given to us will be dealt with in confidence.

If you suspect fraud, you can contact us on