Janner Men’s Shed receive generous donation from Hallwell

PCH contractors Hallwell donated a large shipping container to the Men’s Shed to give them somewhere to keep their ever expanding materials!

Men’s Shed has been running for over two years now and the award-winning project has proved hugely successful and as such, they need somewhere to keep all their timber in order to keep making fantastic community projects.

On a wet and windy Friday morning the ‘shedders’ gathered round as the lorry arrived from Cornwall and parked up outside the Leigham Community Hall ready to unload the huge container.

Staff from PCH, Hallwell and the shedders kept themselves warm drinking cups of tea as the lorry drivers operated the crane and winch to lower the container safely into place. It had barely touched the ground before the shedders had the doors open marvelling at how much free space they now have!

Andy Priddle, contracts manager for Hallwell said: “As part of our contract with Plymouth Community Homes we give back a certain percentage as social value which allows us to give something back to the communities we’re working in.

“We heard about the great work the Men’s Shed have done and how successful it’s been recently. Now that they’ve improved conditions at Leigham Community Hall the community are using it more so it meant that they couldn’t store timber in the back rooms as it will be used for a local pantomime. We didn’t want the shedders having nowhere to use, so we had this idea about the shipping container and have managed to deliver it!”

Ryan Huws from PCH said: “We’re delighted to have somewhere to store our timber and cannot thank Hallwell enough for helping us with this project, it’s great and the fact that they’ve delivered it to us as well is brilliant.”