Jenette realises her passion with support at Leypark Court

Friday 30 August is national Starts at Home Day, which celebrates supported housing and the positive impact it makes on thousands of lives.

Leypark Court resident Jenette says she has been living a new life since moving into supported housing with her husband six years ago. Her previous home was not suitable for her electric mobility chair, making getting outside near impossible.

“I’ve always had trouble with the left side of me, I could never skip, never run, I’d always be dragging and as I’ve got older it has got worse.

“I didn’t go out very much for 18 years until I moved here, I didn’t live the life that I am living now because of the lack of access and different things, I couldn’t get out the house but now I notice a different world.”

Prior to moving to Leypark Court, Jenette a former Care Assistant was in decant and it was then that she realised supported housing may be for her.

“As soon as I came here I felt a sense of relief. I can get in and out the front door, I can go around the back. I’ve got independence and it has given me a chance to realise what I can do,” she explained.

When meeting Jenette she is full of energy and confidence, something she says has been down to living with support around her.

“When I moved here I was very excited, saying I want to do this, I want to do that, meet new people and friends with the support of my husband and daughter.

“I’ve learned to play the piano, grade one and two, which I never would have done before and I’m going for grade three.

“Living here has given me a purpose and confidence, the biggest positive is the amount of support, I can live my own independent life here but if I need help, I just see the HSO and ask. It’s the best decision we made,” she said.

There is a communal lounge at Leypark Court and Jenette says many of the residents get involved with activities and social events.

She said: “There are many people here that are doing things, keeping busy and getting involved with activities, it takes people’s minds off their limitations and puts a smile on everyone’s face.”