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Keep your family safe with some basic ‘elf and safety this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year but make sure you look after yourself and your loved ones this Christmas by following some simple rules around your home.

Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family, decorating your tree and making sure you stay warm over a cold December, but make sure to follow these tips to ensure you keep everyone in your home safe:


  • Always place your Christmas tree away from any sources of heat or ignition


  • If you are going to get a real tree then make sure you water it daily – a dry tree can set a room on fire within 90 seconds – a real tree can absorb up to a litre or water a day


  • Don’t overload plug sockets as this is a fire hazard and too many people trip on extension leads when a little merry!


  • Make sure you check your Christmas lights and turn them off– far too many people admit to leaving them on overnight – give them a break


Fire hazards

  • Turn off your hair straighteners! If you’re going out, then make sure you turn off and unplug your hair straighteners – how many times have you gone out and panicked that you haven’t turned them off?


  • Make sure you allow plenty of time to cook your Christmas dinner – people rushing to get it ready on time causes accidents!


  • When it’s extra cold make sure any portable heaters are kept well away from any sources of ignition


  • Make sure any lit candles are away from curtains and well out of reach of children – if possible use electric candles as they are much safer


  • Make sure any cigarettes are completely extinguished in a proper ashtray.


  • If you’re looking to give up smoking as a New Year’s resolution then e-cigarettes can help you along the way. Use the correct charger and not a cheap unbranded one


  • Don’t use a cooker to heat your home, if your boiler fails call us straight away! And remember if you have a pre-paid gas meter to make sure it’s topped up for the cold weather.


  • Any electrical products will have one or more safety certifications on them to show they’re made by a manufacturer you can trust. The CE mark shows that products comply with European health, safety and environmental standards. A lot of fake electrical goods are made overseas where they won’t be safety tested but made as quickly and cheaply as possible which increases the risk of fire.

We will continue to carry out routine repairs between now and Christmas Eve, over the Christmas week we will only be carrying out emergency and essential repairs in a Covid-safe manner.

For some helpful pointers on fixing some of the things around your home then visit our handy repairs guides on our website.