Kids with cameras – Cole 14, Charlie 13 and Kelsie 11

It’s the second week of our kids with cameras project – seeing what life is like from the perspective of the children that live in our homes.

Over the course of the last few months the Communications Team has worked together with residents and their children to capture what life is like growing up in a PCH home from a young person’s point of view.

Each child was given a single-use camera to take photos of moments in their lives that help to sum up what it’s like to grow up in their home, community and Plymouth as a whole.

Here we speak to Cole, Charlie and Kelsie who were really keen to get involved in the project:

Charlie said: “I couldn’t wait to get started I thought it would be amazing to get out and take photos of the area I live in.”

Kelsie: “I loved the idea, I thought that at first it would be quite easy but it actually turned out to be quite difficult. We only had a certain amount of photos so I wanted to make sure that I took decent pictures!”

Cole: “I took part in a photography course that was put on by PCH and since then I’ve wanted to get stuck in to another project so when this came along I was pleased. Like Kelsie I thought it was a bit difficult as I’m used to using a digital camera and didn’t like the idea of just having a few pictures to take!”

Cole: “I took a picture of my little brother Keiran in the library dressed as Thor, but his favourite outfit is Superman. It’s at the North Prospect Library which is really close to where we live. He really wanted me to take his picture so he could see what he looked like but didn’t realise he had to wait for the pictures to be developed!”


Cole: “Kelsie and mum sitting on the sofa playing word cookie – I was trying to get mum’s attention at the time but they were too engrossed in their game, so I thought I’d take a picture with the flash on – that got their attention straight away.”


Kelsie: “This is at the North Prospect house museum while I was at Girl’s Brigade. We were apple pressing and it was run by Tess Willmott. We pressed the apples into a tub and the apple juice was really nice but quite tangy.


Charlie: “This is us ready to go out to a Friday night youth club that we go to. We do a lot there – trampolining, dodgeball and get some food at the end and we’ve got loads of friends there.” 


Charlie: “I thought it would make a really good picture, she’s really cute. She is a Staffy and only young – about a year old!”


Kelsie: “Keiran was out by the bin in his pajamas messing around while I was taking some rubbish out – he kept pulling faces and I thought it would make a good picture.”