Kids with Cameras – Faye 10, Emily 9 and Charlie 3

It’s the third week of our kids with cameras project – seeing what life is like from the perspective of the children that live in our homes.

Over the course of the last few months the Communications Team has worked together with residents and their children to capture what life is like growing up in a PCH home from a young person’s point of view.

Each child was given a single-use camera to take photos of moments in their lives that help to sum up what it’s like to grow up in their home, community and Plymouth as a whole.

Here we speak to Faye, Emily and Charlie. Emily said: “I couldn’t wait to do this as I thought it would be great fun, I wanted to go out and take loads of pictures of the woods because I got a new bike for my birthday in September and I think Charlie has got his eye on a green bike with proper pedals for Christmas.”

Emily: "I decided to take a selfie with my first picture because I was bored that day!"

Emily: "Charlie took this photo of Nanny Mula when she came to visit from Spain. She is actually called Nanny Newman but when Faye was younger she couldn't say it properly so she's always been known as Nanny Mula!"

Faye: "We took this picture outside the new Aldi that was being built up the road from our house - he really like the diggers and was completely fascinated with them." 

Faye: "This is me and Charlie in the woods, it looked like someone had made a little campfire there or something." 

Faye: "I think I took this one in the nature reserve woods and just fancied taking a selfie!"

Emily: "Ah this is me with my new bike - I'm known as the clumsy one of the family and the selfie queen but I haven't fallen off my new bike yet - I hope I don't anytime soon!" 

Emily: "Mum took a picture of Charlie on the pole at the park one day when we were playing, we always have a really nice time there."