Kids with cameras - Layla 9

It’s the next weekly instalment of our kids with cameras project – seeing what life is like from the perspective of the children that live in our homes.

Over the course of the last few months the Communications Team has worked together with residents and their children to capture what life is like growing up in a PCH home from a young person’s point of view.

Each child was given a single-use camera to take photos of moments in their lives that help to sum up what it’s like to grow up in their home, community and Plymouth as a whole.

Here we speak to Layla: "I'm really happy with the pictures I've taken and I loved spending time thinking about all the things I could take pictures of. I'm really interested in art and quite good at that so I thought I would be able to take some good photographs. I did wonder if I would have time to take all the pictures and I did get a bit confused at first because I've never used a camera like that before." 

"Here I am making fairy cakes for my friends and for our family - I gave them away to my friends and my teacher - I put white frosting on them but we put some red dye on them to make them pink!" 

"In this one I'm making marshmallow slime. It's basically where you melt marshmallows, add icing sugar into it and then you keep adding it until it's the right consistency and then add some colour to it!" 

"This is the grassy area at the front of our house - I love it there because I can run around and have fun with my friends and our dogs. Some people have said they want to turn the grassy area into a car park because it's not easy to park round here, but I don't want to lose the area that I can play in with my friends."  

"This is me in my Brownies uniform, we do quite a lot there, like art and cooking. Sometimes we have to put on performances when it's Christmas and Halloween." 

"This last one is a picture of my favourite place - the swings in our garden! When I get bored I play on them and sometimes climb from swing to swing but when it's sunny straight after its been raining they stay wet and I can't go on them without getting soaking!"