Kind hearted shop owner treats residents to lunch

Residents of Morley Court were treated to a festive fish and chip lunch this weekend after they were invited by a local café owner.

Cornwall Street Fish Bar owners Jay jay and Gokhan invited the residents of the Morley Court Resident’s Association to join them on the 2 December for free fish and chips as a thank you for welcoming them into the community.

Staff and residents at the Fish Bar exchanged gifts, Christmas crackers and plenty of laughs on a miserable Sunday afternoon. Graham Smith, Secretary of the Resident’s Association said: “This was a really nice gesture from the owners of the fish bar. They know that we live in the flats above and have a lot of elderly residents, some who might be lonely at this time of year, and they gave us a nice opportunity to hold our Christmas party and all be together to have a really nice festive time.”

Gokhan, owner of the Fish Bar said: “We wanted to say thank you to all the local people in the community and show them our appreciation for them being so welcoming. We want to make sure that we have a good relationship with everyone locally and that they know where to come for the best Fish and Chip in Plymouth!”

Morley Court has seen some big changes over the last few years thanks to PCH and the Resident’s Association working closely with local contractors. The Morley Court Roof Garden was one of the first of its kind in the city offering people of all ages the chance to enjoy an urban rooftop garden.

In September, as part of a local social value clause, one of our contractors donated a children’s playhouse for the garden for the local children to enjoy.