Let’s go green this Recycle Week

This year’s theme is Recycling – It’s Worth It which aims to demonstrate the benefits of recycling items around your home.

Plymouth has seen an increase in recycling following the introduction of alternate weekly collections in Plymouth but we are encouraging people to recycle items they would usually bin.

For instance, did you know that only 52 per cent of items that could be recycled in UK bathrooms are, compared to almost 90 per cent of kitchen packaging? Or that 49 per cent of people admit to not always recycling their aerosols, including deodorant and hairspray?

This new research has been released by Recycle Now this week to coincide with Recycle Week, and we want you to help spread the word and get Plymouth recycling!

If everyone in Plymouth recycled one more deodorant spray, this would save enough energy to power a primary school for over 100 days!

Here at PCH we’re doing our bit – so far in 2017/18 we have generated 719 tonnes of waste across all our sites, with 411 tonnes being recycled which means an impressive 57% recycling rate.

All our waste from our empty properties and estates goes to the Reuse Centre which has significantly increased our recycling rates. This is down to our Environmental Services Team who have improved processes at the Reuse Centre which has contributed to our objectives which is to recycle as much waste as we can. Before the Reuse Centre was opened two years ago most of this waste would have gone to landfill to be disposed of at a significant cost to PCH. This change is a real achievement in meeting our environmental objectives.

PCH Manufacturing’s average monthly recycling rate currently stands at 84% of their waste this year.

For more information visit the Recycle Now website or Tweet using #RecycleWeekPlym