Lost dog reunited

We’re used to having visitors at our Plumer House headquarters but not usually the four-legged kind.

This little cutie charmed our repairs team when he spent the morning with them today.

Yorkshire Terrier Jake was seen wandering around Brentford Avenue, Whitleigh, by electrician Lewis Sutcliffe while he was on his way to a tenant’s home to carry out a repair.

Lewis knocked on a few doors but couldn’t find the owner so he put him in his van and took him back to our Crownhill HQ to keep him safe.

Jake was very well behaved during his time at Plumer while we tried to track down his owners.

A Facebook search revealed his owner to be Southway resident Sophie Sweet, who was away for a few days.

Sophie’s sister Leila Cannarella was looking after Jake at her home in Whitleigh when he went missing.

Leila said: “I’ve got a lovely garden but somehow he got out. He loves to wander. He left early this morning. He usually goes up to the green. I looked there and couldn’t find him so I drove around in my pyjamas!”

Lewis said: “He had something to eat – we fed him some biscuits – and he had lots of water. Everyone in the office loved having him around!”