Major TV drama filmed at Frankfort Gate

Sky One show Delicious was filmed at Frankfort Gate on Friday starring Game of Thrones Actor Iain Glen and TV star Dawn French.

Iain Glen, famous for playing Ser Jorah Mormont in HBO’s Game of Thrones spent the morning filming in Lill’s Kitchen West End café next to the PCH Shop in Frankfort Gate.

The café was made for the filming of the scenes which also stars Dawn French and Emilia Fox caught in a love triangle over Iain Glen’s Leo.

PCH gave permission for scaffolding to be erected on the corner of the street for a stunt to be filmed in the afternoon and staff at the City Centre shop were lucky enough to have a chance to speak to Iain Glen, whose presence caused quite a stir in the City Centre.

Iain was reprising his role in the series, after dying in the first episode of season one and narrating the remaining episodes. 

A huge film crew took over the bottom of town as the scenes were filmed, with Glen’s trailer parked in Colin Campbell Court car park and Dawn French due to be present to film scenes later on in the day.

Housing Assistant Natasha Buckingham bumped into Glen earlier that morning and said: “He was really polite and seemed happy to talk to me. He was completely down to earth but he did have to explain some of the series to me as I was sure he died in the very first episode I saw!”

Andy Lilley, owner of Lill’s Kitchen West End said: “We were delighted to host international film star Iain Glen and others from the Delicious crew after their hugely successful first series which was filmed at Pentillie Castle and other classic South West locations.

“Many thanks goes to all our neighbours in Plymouth West End for supporting us throughout the day on Friday and we are sure the coverage will bring further renewed interest and custom for everyone in the area, especially with the exciting new developments proposed for this location in the city.”   

The series is due to film in several locations in the South West including Launceston and Pentillie Castle in Saltash and is expected on screens in Spring 2018.