Making repairs easier for you

We’ve been consulting with you to find out how we can offer you a simpler and flexible service when booking repairs.

We’ve now removed the urgent repairs category so that we can simplify all repairs into emergency, routine or planned repairs, to make sure we carry out repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible for residents.

We will aim to carry out all emergency repairs within 24 hours, routine repairs between 1 and 20 days and planned repairs within 60 days.

Here are some examples of the different types of repairs and the categories they will fall under:



Uncontainable water leak

Faulty or dripping tap

Dangerous or exposed wires

Internal door sticking

Blocked, leaking or damaged toilet

Blocked or broken guttering

No electricity

Containable water leaks

Report of gas leak or carbon monoxide alarm sounding

One radiator not working



Concrete, path repairs

Fencing, gate and repairs

Replacement of windows and doors


More examples of repairs categories can be found on the repairs page on our website.

Barbara Bottomley, Repairs and Lettings Manager said: “We wanted to make sure that we’re offering the most efficient service for our customers. We found that we were sometimes putting repairs into categories which were being repaired much quicker than the planned timescales, so we thought we would offer residents the chance to decide if they wanted the service to be clearer and simpler.

“I’m really pleased with the outcome and I hope that our repairs service, as well as our easy around-the-house repairs guides that we offer, will help residents to maintain a safe and decent home.”