Meet Lavinia Porfir

Lavinia was born in Romania and is proud to be living in Britain after she moved here five years ago. She lives with her husband and young daughter. When she was a child Lavinia wanted to be a police officer.

Lavinia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, a Master’s Degree in European Studies, a Master’s Degree in Communications and Public Relations and an Advance Diploma in The Management of Resources in Public Administration. 

Her first job was as a Territorial Inspectorate in Civil Engineering and she learnt a lot on the job – most importantly to work in a team and how each member of the team is important in their own individual way.

Lavinia worked for eight years as an advisor at Iasi City Council in Romania in its PR department, dealing with lots of people from different backgrounds offering them support: “This experience helped me to be a good communicator and to understand the needs of customers and how important it is to place customers at the heart of an organisation.”

Lavinia carried out social policy research for a charity organisation which gives advice to people in need of support: “This has helped me to be aware of the wide range of needs that customers might have and how to prioritise people’s needs. I also volunteer with an organisation that deals with a lot of vulnerable people and I know how important it is to be careful to the sensitive needs of customers.”

Lavinia continues: “When I saw the position for a tenant co-optee come up within PCH I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to understand things within the organisation, to make sure that PCH continue to provide excellent services to all customers and to ensure that they offer value for money as well as ensuring the quality of the local environment meets expectations and a good quality of life.”

Lavinia currently works at Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council as a Community Engagement Worker.

The first meeting Lavinia attended was to observe before applying for the role. She was interviewed by Sue Shaw, Director of Homes, Neighbourhoods and Regeneration and the Chair of the Customer Focus Committee Katie McBride.

“I am really proud of the fact that I have become a member of the CFC, the fact I am from another country and I was chosen to be a part of this Committee feels like a real success and reflects the diverse nature of PCH’s customers and the people who live in Plymouth.

“Being on the CFC will allow me to develop myself professionally and I will always be learning new skills. I have seen all of the great things that PCH has done and the future of PCH looks brilliant. We need to make sure that PCH continues to adapt to new housing requirements and continues to offer great services and homes that people want and can afford.” 

“I respect British society and this is one of my ways to say thank you – by getting involved and helping those around me. People have different experiences, habits and traditions and react to things in different ways. I want to build a better understanding as we are all members of the same community – in this case, Plymouth Community Homes.”