Meet our Board Members - Maddi Bridgeman

There probably aren’t that many people who miss getting up for work every day – but Maddi Bridgeman is happy to admit she does.

Maddi gave up work to care for her mother-in-law, who has dementia, and confesses she misses the daily routine of the commute.

Fortunately, she still manages to keep busy. As well as being a PCH Board Member, she’s also a city councillor for the Moor View ward.

She said: “I miss work. I even miss getting up and getting ready! I really love coming in to PCH.”

Maddi has certainly had an interesting and varied career, working in an assortment of roles in a range of sectors.

She’s worked across everything from small creative industries, farming and rural businesses to large manufacturing corporations such as BAE Systems and Schneider Electric. 

She’s also done a stint in the public sector as a Human Resources Administrator for the Agenda for Change project in the NHS.

Maddi has run her own business providing accounting and administration services, marketing and PR, proofreading and editing. 

As well as work, Maddi has always been keen to give something back to the community, which is how she became involved with local politics. She was first elected as a councillor in 2014 and was re-elected last year.

It was during campaigning for last year’s election that her interest was sparked in finding out more about PCH.

She said: “When I was knocking on doors, I was surprised how many homes PCH owns in my ward. I wanted to know more about the business and what they do. I wanted to gain a better understanding and increase my knowledge.”

Since she became a Board Member last year, she’s hit the ground running, making sure she gets out and about on our patches so she knows what’s going on.

She’s spent a day in our city centre shop in Frankfort Gate and been out on visits with a Housing Officer. She’d like to go out with our Rangers and really likes the work PCH Manufacturing is doing.

“I love PCH Manufacturing. The business is growing and getting on its feet. Kevin (Boyes) is a great manager down there.”

Maddi also admires what’s being done by the incomes teams around Universal Credit and financial inclusion.

She added: “We’re not just a business – we’re more of a support centre, which is fantastic.”

In her down time – yes she does manage to have some in spite of all of her commitments – she enjoys spending time with her two rescue dogs, rescue cat, husband, son and daughter.