Mindfulness drawing workshop is a big hit

Last month, residents of Mount Wise had the opportunity to attend a free, family friendly mindfulness drawing workshop.

Designed and lead by local artist Gypsy Watkins, the workshop encouraged attendees to learn how to use drawing and mindfulness together as a way of relaxing and promoting a sense of inner calm.

Held at Tavy House, the session took place both indoors and outdoors, allowing people to experience drawing in plein air so they could experience a new way of engaging with their surroundings.

Gypsy said: “I had such a great time running the mindfulness drawing workshop and thoroughly enjoyed working with the community. It was great to work with all age groups and encourage a new skill of drawing, combining it with mindfulness.”

“Mindfulness helps with social issues, confidence and anxiety. I wanted to do something to help with these ever prominent daily issues, encouraging residents to come out and enjoy learning something new. The mindfulness drawing workshop allowed people to be in the present moment, by drawing what they see around them without distraction and engaging in the ‘here and now’. The community took part in drawing outside, enabling them to see the beauty in their surroundings, that they may not have appreciated or noticed before.”

Paula Williams, Housing Officer said: “We were really keen to support Gypsy when she contacted us to suggest this. It was a pleasure to observe as the children so clearly enjoyed the workshop. Their little faces showed how keen and concentrated they were.”

We’re hoping to book more mindfulness drawing workshops in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement!