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Modern Day Slavery

As a leading employer in Plymouth, we’re keen to ensure we’re doing what we can to prevent modern day slavery.

It may seem hard to believe that slavery exists in 2021, but it can – and it does.

Our Modern Day Slavery Act statement shows the actions we’ve taken and will continue to take to stamp out slavery and human trafficking.

What are we doing at PCH?

  • When we recruit, we make sure people are entitled to work in the UK through a careful check of their right to work documents.
  • We help safeguard employees by giving them contracts and employment rights.
  • Residents bid for properties through Devon Home Choice – who complete identification checks prior to any bids.
  • When signing up new tenants at PCH, we make sure people are who they say they are by carrying out background and photo ID checks.
  • Housing Management staff keep an eye on any changes with our properties and tenants, and we always investigate any allegations from residents or the wider community about potential tenancy fraud.
  • We work with partners across the city and report safeguarding concerns to Social Services and process safeguarding referrals when appropriate.
  • Our commercial staff are trained and experienced to manage business properties and maintain vigilance to any indicators of modern slavery.
  • Through our supplier management and sign up processes we reinforce that all our suppliers must comply with the Modern Slavery Act requirements.

Maria Schingen, PCH Head of Procurement, said: “During lockdown, the risk of everything increased – for example domestic abuse. Modern Day Slavery is no different. There are economic pressures and pressures on people working more.

“As a responsible organisation and employer, we make sure this practice is not going on in our supply chain. We ask suppliers to sign up to our Modern Day Slavery statement.”

Maria also urged any residents who noticed signs of slavery in their community to let us know.

She added: “Residents may notice a flat being used for something it shouldn’t be, like forced labour. It does exist, although it is rare in our community thankfully.

“We will be running some training for staff in the autumn so that our employees know how to identify it and what to do about it.”