More super fundraising efforts by St Elizabeth Close residents

The residents of St Elizabeth Close have again been doing fantastic work raising money for charity.

The Plympton-based residents have been using the community room to hold fundraising events and have so far raised more than £600 for Devon Air Ambulance. The group, who meet at least three times a week, have raised money through a large raffle in the community and other events including bingo and coffee and cake mornings.

The raffle included hand-crafted cat scratchers donated Janner’s Men’s Shed, which is facilitated by PCH.

This isn’t the first time the group have raised large sums of money for charity. They most recently raised more than £400 for Devon Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service.

Resident Barbara Brooks, the 2018 winner of the Good Neighbour Award said: “We have previously raised money for McMillan, Dementia Society and Devon Freewheelers and decided that Devon Air Ambulance would be the next charity to help.

“We all meet roughly three times a week and everyone gets involved and helps, providing prizes and organising. We’re proud to help support a local charity that does so much for people.”