Mount Wise community figure retires

We spoke with Tavy House resident Ben Quick about his long-standing role with the Mount Wise Resident’s Association.

Having lived in Tavy House for 33 years and served on the resident’s association for almost 30 years, Ben has undertaken all of the roles available on the board - at times chairing it alone. After attending nearly every resident meeting (More than 80), Ben took over from Mrs Ellison and we decided it would be time to reward him for his achievements.

Over the years that Ben has lived in Mount Wise, he’s seen the area go through a lot of changes. When the towers were first built, there was a strict ‘no children’ policy, whereas now there are plenty of families who live there. Plenty of larger than life characters have passed through the area too, all making an impact in their own way. In recent years, the regeneration of Mount Wise and Devonport has reinvigorated the community and improved facilities for residents.

Ben said: “The community’s changed, which reflects how the city has changed too. It’s much more inclusive, with diverse people of different ages and races. It’s been great here since PCH took over because they’ve made so many positive changes – they’ve just done my bathroom for me and I absolutely love it.”

Paula Williams, Housing Officer at Mount Wise said: “I’ve known Ben for quite a while now, and it is due to residents like him that we are able to have such a good community spirit down here. It’s not just taking part in the meetings of the residents association, it’s just being part of the community, speaking to your neighbours on a regular basis and offering a friendly smile.”

Now, at the age of 80, Ben feels the time has come to retire from the board and is going to pass the baton on. With a well-earned holiday to the Spanish islands on the horizon, Ben still plans to attend meetings and support the community where possible.