New figures reveal residents in new-build homes positive about their moves

The statistics come from an annual survey Plymouth City Council carries out on residents living in recently-built affordable housing.

The Affordable Housing Residents’ Satisfaction Survey was sent to tenants and shared owners in a number of schemes managed by various housing associations.

Residents in parts of the North Prospect regeneration, Allenby Road, Goodwin Crescent and Wren Gardens all said they were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their homes.

All respondents thought their home was well designed and just under 65 per cent of residents said the service they’ve received from us was ‘very good’ while the rest said our service was ‘good’.

Below is a selection of positive comments residents made: 

  • “Fantastic opportunity for the younger generation to have something affordable and learn that independence is not scary at all.”
  • “The regeneration project is still on going in our street. When it is finished it will look really nice. We are very grateful to be given a lovely house in a good area.”
  • “We were looked after by PCH and it was the regeneration team who found and offered us our new home. First rate, sensitive and friendly people who genuinely had our best interests at the forefront in matching us to our new home fully adapted for our needs.”
  • “Been here 16 months and love my home – call it my 'little sanctuary'.”
  • “My house is bright and airy with a nice size garden at the front and back. I love my new home and feel comfortable living here. I have slept easier knowing I have a roof over my head which is affordable in my current situation.”

However, areas of concern for residents included a lack of adequate parking, noise and dust from ongoing building works and a slow response to ‘snagging’ issues being fixed.

Andrew Lawrie, PCH Head of Development, said: “The findings of this city council report are very positive. They mirror feedback we collected last year from residents in Southern Gate, Primrose Park and Porsham Heights about their new homes.

“We’re aware of problems in resolving defects in the first 12 months and we try to work closely with builders to solve these as quickly as possible.”