New home 'meant to be' for couple

Angela and John Thompson knew they had found their dream home when they viewed their property in Primrose Park.

Not only was the size and layout perfect, it was in the right street – Thompson Road.

The couple, who previously lived in Lipson for 44 years, were looking for a smaller home and garden.

Daughter Rachel was soon on the case. She had helped a friend move into the 72-home Passivhaus development in Whitleigh, so knew the area.

One of her sisters had also heard about shared ownership and told her parents about it.

John admits he was a little unsure about shared ownership at first, but as soon as he and Angela viewed the two-bed home, they knew it was for them.

Angela said: “We fell in love with it. We really liked the look of it. Both of us are disabled and the doors are wide. We can get wheelchairs through and the bathroom can be turned into a wet room. We decided straight away to go for it. The fact our name is the same as the road name meant it was meant to be!”

The Thompsons bought the home through SO Living, our shared ownership company.

For the Thompson’s, one of the major advantages of a Passivhaus home was saving money on their energy bills.

Passivhaus homes provide comfortable and healthy homes while using very little energy for heating and cooling.

Features include tripled-glazed opening windows, extra insulation and a mechanical ventilation system which produces fresh air, even when windows are closed.

Angela added: “In our previous home, we were paying about £50 on gas and electric each week. Now we’re paying around £50 a month.”

John added: “I have asthma and heart problems and I find the clean air much better for my health.”

Being in a Passivhaus home means living in a different way – occupants can’t have cat flaps or drill holes in the walls.

Angela added: “It’s a learning curve for us but that’s fine. We’ve had to get used to not putting nails in the wall – we just use sticky pads instead.

“We’re very happy here. I can go to Whitleigh Green easily with my trolley and do my shopping.”