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New Home, New You is back and better than ever!

We’ve re-launched our successful New Home, New You campaign, working in partnership with Plymouth University and Livewell SouthWest to help improve the lives of our residents.

New Home, New You is our exciting offer to every resident who moves into one of our homes (excluding mutual exchanges).

Moving into a new home is an exciting time and bring about lots of change and New Home, New You is aimed at making small changes to help you live a happy, healthy lifestyle. It could be that you want to join one of our walkabout groups, give up smoking or just get out and about in the community and meet new people. Our Housing Officers will help a New Home lead to a New You.

As part of the offer you could receive fortnightly vegetable bags from our partners at Tamar Grow Local for three months. This may give you the opportunity to think about being more creative in the kitchen and improve the diets of you and your family.

Here are some comments from residents who embraced this chance to change a positive change for them and their family:

“My daughters were so impressed with the recipes they are copying all of them. They loved the red cabbage and apple soup recipe – it turned out to be the most amazing colour! I also like to cook with my grandchildren at weekends and I love to get them involved in preparing and using the vegetables. I like to share any spare veg I have with my family.”

“I roasted purple sprouting broccoli last week with my young daughter and she said it was really yummy. I love being able to cook fresh vegetables rather than having to microwave things.”

So how does it work?

When you move into your new home, we’ll ask you if there’s any lifestyle changes you want to make – this could mean quitting smoking, cutting down on drinking or just exercising more. No matter what you want to achieve, our trained staff will point you in the direction of experts who can help you.

Why should I sign up?

Apart from improving your health and wellbeing, we’re also offering the free veg back – delivered fortnightly from Tamar Grow Local for three months. The bag is stuffed full of nutritious and delicious veg. Not only are you getting some lovely food, you’ll also be saving money on your shopping bill!

How long does it last?

New Home New is all about you. We will check in with you about your new home during the first 12 months anyway so we will also ask you how you are getting on with your goal(s) and signpost you to anything we think might help. If you do not want to talk about wellbeing anymore then all you have to do is say, there is no obligation.

Ok I’m interested – what do I do now?

At your pre-tenancy assessment, we will ask you to choose a goal (or up to three) and then we can work out what sort of help we can give you and personalise your plan to the area that you live to help you achieve a new you in your new home!