New Home New You means new recipes

Residents from our New Home New You (NHNY) initiative joined us at the Beacon to take part in a healthy cooking class. 

The NHNY project is a year long study looking at new residents who want to make positive lifestyle changes when they start their tenancy - using a new home as a catalyst to make changes - such as give up smoking, drinking less or eating healthier. 

Ross was one of those who came down to the Beacon to take part in the cooking event. Ross said: 'Today I'm doing two recipes with the help of Tami from Food is Fun - we're doing pasta in a tomato sauce and a rainbow couscous. 

"The rainbow couscous I’m really looking forward to as Tami explained that its really good to get lots of different colours in your diet - but that doesn't apply to skittles!" 

Heidi Bavin, Assistant Housing Officer said: NHNY is a great initiative offering residents free veg bags to be able to go home and create some of the great recipes that they've learned here today. We hope that more people sign up and use this as a great opportunity to make those changes that perhaps otherwise they might not have, had they not had a new home to spur them on."