New Home New You project welcomes Carlton

Our project to help tenants live healthier lives is being given a helping hand by a graduate student.

Carlton Rhodes-Neale, who is studying for a Masters in Public Health at Marjons University, is spending one day a week with us to evaluate the success of our New Home New You wellbeing project.

New Home New You is a voluntary study we’re asking tenants to sign up to when they pick up the keys to their new home.

When anyone expresses an interest in taking part, our Housing Choices Officers – who have been trained – will talk through wellbeing issues and carry out two short questionnaires about the resident’s current wellbeing.

They will then signpost people to the appropriate organisations for help and advice relating to their goals. Housing Officers will continue to help and take an interest in those tenants who take up the New Home, New You offer.

They will meet the residents at six months, nine months and 12 months to carry out the questionnaires again and see how everyone is getting along – and whether more support or choices are needed.

Carlton will have the job of going through the questionnaires and evaluating the responses – although he hopes to be able to carry out some of the face-to-face interviews in future.

Carlton, a 38-year-old father-of-three, said: “I’m really passionate about the project. Housing Choices Officers are signing up at the moment but I’d like to have more of a hands-on, tenant-facing role.

“Addressing the issues of inactivity, smoking, drinking and poor diet can lead to healthier and happy lives of those involved.

“New Home New You can provide help, support and services to those affected and help them to lead longer and healthier lives.

“As a public health student, helping lead these people to the services PCH and Public Health Plymouth can offer is a privilege. The reason I started studying public health is to try and make the world a happier and healthier place.

“Everyone at PCH has been incredibly helpful and polite and I’d like to give a personal thank you to Adam Stockman and Fran Sandercock for their ongoing support and encouragement.”

Carlton’s academic career began in 2004 when he started his first degree in Extended Science.

After graduating from his second degree – in Analytical Chemistry – in 2009, he went into stem cell research with Biovault.

He’s also an ambassador for the Royal Society of Chemistry and this year began studying for his Masters.

As well as working at PCH, Carlton also volunteers for the Public Health team – along with Livewell Southwest, they are one of our partners on the New Home New You project.