New jobs beckon for successful learners

Learners are on their way to new careers in land-based jobs after completing one of our training programmes.

All the six participants on the Register of Land-based Operatives (ROLO) course we’ve been running with Cornwall College have completed the practical part of the course and passed their theory exam.

The four-week course saw them clear overgrown areas at Brake Farm Housing with Support – something which has been welcomed by residents there.

Steve praised the participants – Dave, Tom, Sarah, Stephen, Stuart and Donald – for their hard work, saying they each brought something different to the group.

We held an end-of-course celebration for the learners last week, which was attended by Cornwall College staff and Brake Farm residents.

Steve Chaney, Cornwall College trainer, explained what the learners had been doing. He said: “We cleared about two or three truckloads of green waste.

“They also had a day of green skills – building a willow fence, stools and spoons. They put up a fence between two neighbours’ gardens.

“In one of the gardens we got rid of plants and weeds. We put down some membrane so nothing could grow through.”

The group went on to take their day-long theory test yesterday, which they all passed. The qualification is like a health and safety course for the land-based industries.

Resident Jane Sugden said: “It’s been nice talking to the learners and sharing knowledge. They’ve all been lovely. Could we have them every year?!”

David Mills added: “Jane and I look after the garden here. They helped dig part of the garden for us. It was really overgrown out here.”

Housing with Support Officer Emma Pearce said: “A massive thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in here at Brake Farm. The difference is remarkable.” 

Learner Stephen McCann said: “The residents have been fantastic. They have been really friendly and welcoming.”