New pound store with a difference

A new food store in the heart of the city centre is making sure perfectly-good food doesn’t go to waste.

Pound Kitchen, in Frankfort Gate, sells hot food and grocery items for £1 – and is giving away free chips today as it celebrates its official launch.

It’s only been open a week but already it’s had ‘amazing’ feedback from customers, according to co-owner Tony Spreadborough.

People have been flocking to Pound Kitchen to buy biscuits, crisps, cakes, tea bags, coffee and fresh foods – all for £1.

Tony said: “It’s not even been a week and it’s been mad busy. Footfall has been good. People have said they’ve never seen Frankfort Gate so busy. Word of mouth has been helping.”

Tony is also a director at Tamar Fresh Ltd, a wholesaler which supplies meals to schools, care homes and hospitals across Devon and Cornwall.

He added: “We’re using the resources from our sales division and discounting them.

We produce 30 tonnes of potatoes a week from local farms in Cornwall. If they are not of a specific grade, retailers won’t use them. We are taking them and using them for our spicy potatoes. We’re upcycling. There’s now a trend for ‘wonky’ fruit and veg.

“Some food might be close to its best before date, or there are boxes of broken biscuits. Warehouse space is at a premium. Warehouses may need to get rid of pallets to make room and we take them for a good price.

“We want to be a real community food store. We’re keeping prices down for people. There’s a strong social element to us too. We want to work with the Foodbank and the Shekinah Mission.”

Tony says his spicy spuds are bestsellers along with ‘imperfect’ pasties, fresh pizza slices, broken biscuits and two litres of milk for £1.

There’s also a hot drinks machine and Tony is looking to get hold of some of the One Plymouth reusable cups.

Tony and his co-owner David Barrett have already created six jobs and are hoping to take on more.

Pound Kitchen was previously D&M’s Café, which was run by Tony’s parents for years. He took it over for them but decided to do something different with the premises and Pound Kitchen was born.

It is one of around 170 commercial premises we own throughout the city.

The official launch of Pound Kitchen takes place today at noon and Tony and his team are giving away free chips with every £1 purchase.