Nick Lewis takes place as Chair of PCH Board

We are pleased to introduce you to Nick Lewis who is the new Chair of the PCH Board.

Nick brings with him a great deal of experience having previously held positions as Chair of North Devon Homes and Vice Chair of Northern Devon NHS Trust. Nick has a background in finance and development having worked for Devon and Cornwall Housing as Finance Director and at the South West Development Agency.

Nick said: “PCH is a well-run organisation with a friendly and positive style of operation. I’m pleased to be here after a robust interview process – the first two sessions were with the Board and Executive Management Team, but the customer sessions really had me on my toes – they wanted to know about the real me and my reasons and motivations for wanting the post.”

Asked what changes he would like to see, Nick said: “The answer is simple – whatever the organisation decide – that’s residents, staff and the Board. My job is to keep all this running smoothly, ironing out any wrinkles that may arise. I hope that if nothing else, my experience has equipped me to do that. 

“I am looking forward to meeting as many residents and staff as possible over the next few years and I will be asking you what changes you would like to see happen!”   

Chief Executive John Clark said: “It’s great to have Nick as Chair of the Board, he brings with him a lot of experience of working in housing and great knowledge of the finance sector which will complement the skills of Board Members and ensure we have a strong and robust Board.

This will ensure we are taking the correct decisions that will shape our long term future direction and help us to achieve want we want to achieve, which is delivering great services, building more homes and remaining an influential voice in the city.”