Nursing student shadows PCH to learn more about housing and wellbeing link

First year Paediatric Nursing student Rachel Jackson from Plymouth University has spent the day with Plymouth Community Homes, shadowing the housing team to better understand the links between housing and wellbeing.

The student from Plymouth said: “I wanted to get an insight into how PCH works, housing-wise but also from a health and wellbeing perspective, in terms of the tenants.

“It has given me a good understanding of how the organisation can assist people and the strong links between housing and wellbeing.

“I initially thought it was a case of bidding on a property and then living in it and that PCH just maintain it but there is much more to it than that in terms of looking at the health and wellbeing of the tenants.

“The day at PCH has allowed me to look at the bigger picture in terms of how certain factors can have an impact on people’s health,” Rachel added.

Rachel spent part of the day in Devonport with Housing Officer Paula Williams. “We went down to the towers in Devonport to investigate a leak,” she explained. “I then joined Heidi and went to a property of a vulnerable adult who was struggling to maintain her property.”

It is hoped that Rachel’s day of shadowing will be the first of many for nursing students.

Housing Officer Heidi Bavin, who organised the visit said: “We’re really happy to give nursing students an insight into how housing and wellbeing can be linked. Hopefully Rachel can use the knowledge she has gained in her future career.

“There is certainly the potential to have more nursing students come and shadow us,” she added.