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Our new payment system is live!

Today we’ve launched our payment system to new supplier Capita.

This means how we take direct debits and how you make payments online and over the phone has changed slightly.

We wrote to residents who pay by Direct Debit last month to let you know we would be automatically swapping you to our new payment supplier.

We’ve published the new payment line number today and a new online payment system.

There will be no change to how payments are made through the Post Office or other Pay Point locations.

Important note: If you pay a weekly direct debit, we will need to miss one week’s payment whilst the changeover takes place. We have been asking you to make that week’s payment using a different method. The easiest way to do this is online through the MyPCH portal or by calling 0800 230 6500.

All direct debit payments will continue to show as Plymouth Community Homes.

If you have any queries, please call us on 0808 230 6500.

Frequently asked questions

How does the change affect me?

We’ve moved our payment systems to a new provider from today, Thursday 1 October. See below to find out how our move to Capita may affect you.

I pay by Direct Debit weekly

We will take your final weekly payment for the normal amount on your usual day at the start of October. We will then transfer your Direct Debit to our new supplier.

The next weekly payment will not be taken as it takes some time to set up the new Direct Debit.

This means that you will miss one week’s payment and the next payment will be taken on your nominated day as usual.

Please get in touch with us to pay the missed week by phone, online or using our automated payment line.

We will write to you to let you know about the changes.

I pay by Direct Debit annually, monthly, 4-weekly or 2-weekly

We will move your Direct Debit automatically to our new supplier and write to you to inform you of the changes.

This will not affect your payment schedule and your Direct Debit will still show as Plymouth Community Homes.

I pay by phone to a PCH employee

You can still call us.

We will be using a new system, which means you no longer need to give us your card details. We’ll set the payment up for you and transfer you to a secure payment line to complete the process.

We’ll explain how this works when you call us to make a payment.

I pay by phone using the automated phone line

You can still make payments using an automated payment line.

From 1 October we are changing the line to a Freephone number and the old number will no longer accept calls.

I pay online

You can continue to pay online through the MyPCH portal from 1 October. The payment system will change slightly and there will be some improvements, such as being able to pay for more than one account at a time.

You can also use Google’s payment system to store your card details to save you entering them each time.

From 1 October you will no longer be able to use Allpay to make payments.

I pay at the Post Office or Pay Point

You can continue to make payments at the Post Office or Pay Point locations as usual.