Our newest Neighbourhood Plans have been released!

Your housing officers have been working hard to put together your new neighbourhood plans and are now looking forward to putting the plan into action!

Each of the 15 neighbourhood plans will provide our residents with a snapshot of important information including:

  • Statistics about the backgrounds of residents (for example age and ethnicity)
  • Local facilities, schools and places of worship
  • Maps and street names
  • The names of your housing officers
  • Your priorities and plans for the neighbourhood

We consulted with you last year about what you wanted the priorities to be and Steve Ford, Head of Neighbourhoods at PCH, said:

“We’ve listened to what you’ve said and will be delivering the plans throughout the year. They support the housing officer to provide what the community says they want.

We’ll be updating them every year. Each year, we’ll be asking you again your priorities in readiness for the following year.”

You can find an online copy of each of our neighbourhood plans.