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Our refreshed Business Plan – but animated!

We launched our new refreshed Business Plan in January which showcases our values and what we’re about as an organisation – but now we’ve created an animated version that’s easy to follow and explains all about it.

Here at Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) we are absolutely committed to providing quality, affordable homes for people who need them.

To do that we need to grow as a business, become more commercial and develop more homes, whilst staying true to our social purpose to improve people’s lives. Our Strategic Business Plan sets out what we want to achieve and how we are going to make it happen. It’s built around our PCH House – come on in and find out more below.

Over the last year we’ve all been used to a different way of working and we decided to really look at the values we hold as an organisation and how we can embed these into our new-look business plan. We’ve stripped it right back to make it clearer, catchier and easier to understand. It tells you who we are, what we want to do and how we’re going to do it.  

We based our business plan on the four main values you told us PCH is all about; Care, Respect, Listening and always Doing the right thing. It’s on these foundations that we’ve built our PCH house on, which sets out our long term goals to:

  • Deliver top quality affordable housing
  • Listen and respond to residents, staff and partners
  • Manage and improve our homes in the most cost effective way
  • Keep residents safe and warm
  • Build and buy more homes
  • Expand outside of Plymouth
  • Provide a healthy financial and social return for investment
  • Be an employer and housing provider of choice

Our Strategic Business Plan is supported by other strategies covering the big areas of work we need to carry out to achieve our vision.