PCH and Fire Service working together to keep people safe

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service will be carrying out a large scale exercise at Marlborough House this Sunday. 

The aim is to further enhance firefighters’ skills in dealing with incidents in high rise buildings and is part of a series of exercises that have been carried out so far this year.

The exercise will be held on Sunday morning from 10.30am until around 2.30pm. Fifteen fire crews will be involved and there will be smoke visible from the building.

Exercise Director Station manager, John Noblett, said: “We are very grateful to PCH for allowing us to use the building which is a fully occupied residential high rise, to test our high rise procedures.

“We aim to keep disruption to a minimum with the surrounding roads and building still in use throughout the exercise. There will be synthetic smoke and live casualties as part of the exercise so local residents should not be alarmed if they see these.”

Steve Ford, Head of Neighbourhoods said: “The Fire Service is an extremely valued partner doing fantastic work, so PCH and our residents are pleased we can do something to support them by providing one of our properties to be used as the location for their training.”

Crews from across Devon and Somerset which are most likely to have to tackle high rise building fires and other emergency services will also be present.