PCH Gadget Club is here

We have just started a new drop in session for people who want to learn more about technology or play around with some of our latest gadgets!

Residents are able to come in and play around with some of our latest technology and learn more to get the most out of their mobile, laptop or phone – or maybe just to pick up some tips.

People can come along on Friday mornings at Plumer House from 10 am until 12 pm and bring their own gadgets as well. Phil brought along his VR goggles for people to try out and others were getting to grips with a phone projector and laser projected keyboard.

Hazel came along after reading about the sessions in our In Touch magazine and decided to give it a try: “I’m in my 70’s and I have had a desktop computer for a number of years. When I moved home I didn’t really have any room for it, so my family bought me a tablet.

“I wasn’t sure how to use it as I didn’t really know how it worked and I spent a while waiting for an email that never came through. This was back in December 2016 and so I haven’t really gone online since then.

“I’ve came to Gadget Club and within a few minutes they have explained to me how to get set up on the Wi-Fi at home, how to send and receive emails using my tablet and that has allowed me to be able to log on to Facebook and speak to my friends and relatives again, which I haven’t been able to for a long time. I would recommend the club to people, especially if they don’t feel confident – this is a group of people that help and support each other and its great fun.”

Joanne Steel from the Communities Team said: “Digital technology can be worrying and confusing for many people. At this friendly session we make it clear there are no such thing as ‘stupid’ questions, and we work to get residents to confidently manage their own equipment and apps.

“We also provide a safe place to try out something new, such as chatting with a digital assistant like Alexa or using our MyPCH portal. You can even try coding or play online games if you like.”  

If you are interested in coming along then email the Communities Team or call us on 0808 230 6500.