PCH helps make Devon Home Choice applicants Rent Ready

We’ve worked in partnership with other housing providers in Devon to help applicants for housing become rent ready to move into their new home.

We want to make sure that the process of moving into your home is as smooth and as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve been working in partnership with Devon Home Choice and housing providers in the South West to create a guidance of what you will need to do to be offered a property.

We want to make sure that each applicant has everything they need in place, including the correct identification, and any rent in advance they may require and other important paperwork. So staff from PCH created a video and written guidance to make sure that applicants don’t miss out on a new home.

Barbara Bottomley, Repairs & Lettings Manager for PCH said: “We’re offering Rent Ready to potential residents to help them know what they need to get ready for a home and avoid any disappointment. We found that sometimes people were applying for our properties and then not having the documents in place that we need to house applicants or finances to pay rent in advance and removal costs.

“What we’re hoping to achieve for the housing providers across Devon is being completely up front with people about what we need as a landlord before we can proceed further with an application. This will avoid applicants being disappointed when bidding for a property, provide an efficient cost effective service, and will reduce the time spent on unsuccessful applications.”

The three step plan explains what documents and proof you need to provide before you can be offered a tenancy:

  • Money matters – including a deposit or moving costs
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identity

Check out the video on the Devon HomeChoice website and see the written guidance that applies specifically to PCH properties.